essentials shaving kit


Razor handle

Anti-slip grip to reduce nicks and cuts


Five-blade razor cartridges

Premium Swedish steel for sharpness


Razor holder

Keep your razor safe and secure

Whats inside
Get started - Pick your favourite colour

Women often 'pay more and get less' when it comes to razors. This is part of the Pink Tax. We are here to change that.



Five-blade razor cartridges

  • Premium, super sharp, Swedish steel
  • Integral lubrication strip for smooth finish
  • Pivoting head for your body contours


The Bare handle

  • Choose from four fabulous colours
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Perfectly weighted for balance
  • Anti-slip grip to reduce nicks and cuts

Our soothing shaving gel with Aloe Vera has been specially formulated to give your skin the ultimate feel good experience.

Of course it's vegan and cruelty free.

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Never a dull moment. We’ll send you super sharp replacement razor blades as often as you need them.


Easy as

1, 2, 3

1. Pick your colour

Personalise your Bare razor kit by choosing your favourite colour handle to go with our premium quality blades.

2. Choose how often

We send you our super sharp 5 blade razor blades when you need them. The secret of the smoothest shaves.

3. You're in control

Your body, your plan. Pause, skip or cancel any time you want. No strings attached

Free delivery. Every delivery.

Shiny happy people

Most amazing razor I have ever used!! Gives such a close shave and my legs feel soo smooth!

Danielle R.